DIYers Dive into West Roxbury

Emily and Kevin Hoffman became accidental real estate entrepreneurs by buying more space in Boston than they needed at the right time (6 years ago), renovating it for fun, and now renting out one floor of their three story home. Young professionals by day and home improvement DIYers by night, […]

Dana Bull on Real Estate Talk Boston – “Boston Power Players”

Tune in to REAL Estate Talk Boston for some of my home-buying tips: Finding the right area – up and coming Attending an open house/first showing and what to look for to make smart a decision as an investor (touching on serious issues versus cosmetic/easy fixes) Smart upgrades to make on […]

Four-Family in Salem, Mass…Closed!

Four-unit residential buildings are a rarity in Salem. They seldom hit the market, and when they do, they typically need some TLC. 50-52 Roslyn Street was a rare gem – meticulously well maintained, in a desirable location, with both short-term advantages and a solid long-term play. The property required little […]

Condo Buying in Neponset – Timing it Right on the Dot.

It’s all about timing. How often have you heard the expression? In real estate, it couldn’t be truer. My new clients, Pat and Lauren Henderson, are masters at nailing the timing of their transactions. Back in 2010, the couple started their investment portfolio in the soon-to-be-hip South Boston neighborhood. This […]

Doing What you Love in Real Estate Investing with Dana Bull and Joe Fairless

Funding large projects, carrying out rehabs, and putting together big deals may be your thing, and recently I had the opportunity to shed some light on why I do what I do…it’s because I love it! I was thrilled to be interviewed on the Joe Fairless Best Ever Real Estate […]

New Guide: How to Spruce Up your Rental Units

The greater Boston area is home to some of the country’s most charming houses. When searching for your gem property, you’ll have to wade through a sea of dropped ceilings, bad paneling, and pink bathrooms to find your diamond. Don’t let bad design scare you away. There are countless ways […]

3 Real Estate Formulas to Keep in Mind when Assessing Income-Producing Properties

There are many factors that go into buying a property — size, location, finishes — the list goes on and on. When searching for a multi-family there are additional considerations, one of them being cash flow. Depending on whether you’re looking to buy a pure investment or owner-occupy the property […]


Happy Holidays!

Greetings! Happy holidays everyone and a special shout out to all of my first-time buyers enjoying the seasonal festivities in their new digs! Winter is my favorite time of year to house hunt for deals. Whether you’re starting your search for a condo, single family or multi-family, I can help you at every […]

Sold! Three-Family Investment Property in the Witch City

Salem is hands-down one of my favorite areas on the North Shore. Not only is the “Witch City” rich in history, it’s also chock-full of museums, restaurants, bars, commuting options and overall quirkiness. In comparison to the hefty price tags of properties closer to the city, this unique zip code […]

Striking While The Iron is Hot in Medford

It’s been a whirlwind year for my client, Harleigh. Shortly after landing a new job, she decided to begin her house hunt in the highly competitive Somerville area. The search spanned the better part of the summer and she eventually nabbed a spacious condo near Tufts University well below list […]