Investment Properties

Income producing homes are some of the most sought after properties in Salem, Beverly, and the surrounding areas. Purchasing a multi-family home on the North Shore can be a competitive process. If you’re considering investing in the area then you need to be prepared to take a thorough and aggressive approach and you’ll need an experienced real estate agent to assist in the process.

Partnering with the right REALTOR®

Multi-family homes and investment properties are not always advertised, meaning the Internet or the MLS does not necessarily provide a complete view of current availability. An expert real estate agent specializing in income properties will be able to provide you with access to listings — including those that aren’t on the open market, and advise regarding which properties will best suite your needs. Services inlcude:

  • Finding properties in the highly competitive market
  • Guidance on how to make your offer stand out
  • Calculating cap rate and other key financial measures for ROI/resale
  • Providing strategy on how to position property in the rental market
  • Assistance with renting units and finding quality tenants

Are you looking to build out your portfolio?

I am an experienced real estate investor with hands-on experience owning and managing multi-family properties in the area. Contact me to discuss current market availability and how to grow your investment book.